Saturday, August 9, 2008

And yes, the pies will be judged

We are pleased to announce the judges for the Pie-Off. While there may be more judges coming on board, these three heavy hitters are sure to put the pedal to the metal to test drive your pie.

Gary Walter - Gary offered himself up as a judge within minutes of the idea being hatched on Twitter. How could we possibly say no?

Kir Jensen - Pastry chef famous! Portland Food Carts says this about Ms. Jensen: Pastry chef Kir Jenson is the real deal folks with some pretty impressive credentials including working at the Ritz Carlton, Genoa, Blue Hour and Clark Lewis. Kir is whipping up some sophisitcated yet comforting food at her new cart including sweet treats, savory nibbles and meals, and serving excellent Spella coffee and a few other liquid things like smoothies and a refreshing vanilla bean lemonade. Mmm. Sugarcube.

Jack Bogdanski - Blogger and Lewis & Clark professor, Mr. Bogdanski may just be the wild card to our trilogy of judges. He says, "Bring it on!"


Gary Walter (with no "S") said...

Just my selfless way to help the PDX community!

Jack Bog said...

Nobody knows crusty better than I.

Fattie said...

OMG Lelo. I'm scared of Jack Bog. First my blogging and now my pie? The fear of Bog is in me.