Monday, August 11, 2008

We Interrupt this Program for an Important Message

...From the American Pie Council

Yes indeedy, the American Pie Council does exist. In fact they are thriving!

From their most awesome website:
"The American Pie Council (APC) is the only organization committed to preserving America's pie heritage and promoting American's love affair with pies. Designed to raise awareness, enjoyment and consumption of pies, the APC offers both Personal and Commercial Memberships."

What else have I learned from the American Pie Council?
*National Pie Day on January 23rd was created by the Pie Council to celebrate and share the joyous wonders of pie! The SF Gate has a recap here.
*The Council sponsors The Great American Pie Festival, every April.
*Every year the Council also sponsors an APC Pie Industry Seminar with riviting topics such as,
* Pie Trends
* Organic and Natural Pies
* Freezing Technology
* Oils and Fats
* Pre- and ProBiotics
* Sustainability
Although it costs money to become a member of the American Pie Council, there is still a ton of free information and resources such as pie history, fun facts about pies and bonus recipes on their gingham checkered red, white and blue website.

Sign me up!


Lelo said...

I love there's an American Pie Council. And I love that they use red, white and blue in their branding. As they should! I salute you, American Pie Council!

Anonymous said...

Oh noes! You pie council link has one too many "http"s!


Please fix so other pie fans don't get confused and sad.

Lizzy Caston said...

Fixed! Thanks for pointing that out.