Sunday, August 31, 2008

What are people saying about the Pie-Off?

The Pie-Off was all about YOU, and congratulations, you made it happen! Here are some links from around the tubes reporting on the Pie-Off:

OurPDX sounds like they had fun!
Dieselboi brought meat pies: impressive
Gary Walter gives the behind the scenes scoop
Judge Bogdanski had a good time
Melissa Lion didn't get a ribbon, but she's reveling in her sticker
Holy Pie! says Jenny Cook
Zoe gives it up about her S'Mores without Fire Pie
Zoe's pie is featured on Slashfood Tuesday morning!
Tyesha reports in with some kind words and good times
Lily submitted a gorgeous sweet potato pie
The Grand Prize winner chimes in: could she be any more humble and sweet?
The Vig was in the howze: and it sounds like he had a great time.

Links leading up to the Pie-Off:

Gary's workin' the pie lead in.
Jack gets prepared. Twice.
Metblogs gives a day-of shout out.
Jenny Cook plans to bring it!
Cami Kaos says, "Go now!"
Willamette Week loves pie, too
Just Out says prepare your pie tins
You know your County Commissioner is cool when he shouts out for the Pie-Off
The Pie-Off makes the list for Ready, Set, Mom
Florid Disposition prepares for the Pie-Off.
PDX Pipeline pipes up about the Pie-Off.
There's been a lot of talk over at Yelp: bring it on!
GayRightsWatch cheers for the Pie-Off
Betsy works on her strategy.
Lelo talks about Pie.
Slashfood blogs about Portland, Oregon's first Pie-Off
Pagent offers up his idiot proof crust
Recovering Straight Girl anticipates the wonderfulness

If we're missing your link, please leave a comment and let us know, we'll add it to the list.


Jack Bog said...

Thanks again for doing this. It was a great, great Portland day.

Anonymous said...

It was just perfect! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Great Job everyone! That was so much fun!

You may want to add this post to the mix:

tyesha said...

Thanks so much Ladies it was wonderful! I just got a post up about it if you want to add it to the list.

Anonymous said...

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