Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Are you coming to the Pie-Off? A little FAQ

With the Pie-Off just around the corner, here's some information to help you plan for what we hope will be a really fun event.

What are the categories for the pies?
There are 8 categories to enter, and 12 categories to be awarded.

Can my pie be entered into more than one category?
Certainly. You may have a berry pie made from local berries, thus you can enter it into both the local and the berry categories.

What if I don't bake a pie? Can I still come to the Pie-Off?
Yes! The Pie-Off is for lovers of pie as well as pie makers. However, the more pies that are brought, the more there is to share.

Are we going to eat the pie?
Hells to the yeahs! After judging and awards, the pies will be available for eating, first come first served.

Are there prizes? Awards?
There are some very impressive ribbons. And the coolest pie cozy ever.

What's with the parking at the event?
It's a really popular area of Washington Park. You can see a map here. There will be a place to drop off pie while you go park, but we'd suggest to not be late!

Do I need to sign up to bring a pie?
Not really, but it would be great to let us know you're coming over here at Upcoming.

Should I bring anything else with me to the Pie-Off besides my happy pie-itude? (that's a new word, feel free to use it)
Yes! There will be time for pie judging when attendees are encouraged to hang out, socialize and enjoy the park. If you'd like to enjoy a picnic, bring your own chairs, drinks, blankets, and have a nice time. The site is really nice. And remember, if you're bringing a pie, please bring serviceware for it. We'll provide plates, forks and napkins.

Where do I go if I have a complaint?
The Pie-Off is brought to you by the Pie-Off Planning Commission. It's all about fun. We are not raising awareness and we are not trying to sell anything. We just love pie, and summer, and all the great local produce. And we are doing this completely as volunteers. Please keep this in mind.


KAC said...

Lelo and Radio G,
I can't come to Pie-Off! I have surprise guests coming for the weekend and I won't have time on Friday or Saturday AM to make a pie. Good luck, have fun and enjoy the day!

Anonymous said...

PIE...What a wonderful idea for an event. Congratulations and good luck in this fine endeavor!