Thursday, August 21, 2008

Unusual Pies

Sure, everyone has heard of blackberry or peach, pecan or cream pie, or even Shoo-Fly pie. But how many of you have ever had tried the joys of unusual pies?

While a mouthful of Sawdust Pie sounds like punishment, the meringue filling of coconut and nuts actually sounds quite good.

Or how about the cheesy Ricotta Pie?

Then there is the British oddity of Treacle Tart Cornflake Pie. Treacle tart being a classic British treat made with a type of sorghum syrup. Although, we have no idea how, when or why the Brit's adopted the cornflakes and decided to put them in a pie. Odd? Yes. Intriguing? Certainly.

It might look like a key lime pie, but don't be fooled. That's an Avocado Pie. Yes, sweetened avocado. Hmmmm...

Have any other weird pie recipes? Sure grasshopper pie sounds weird as does Shoo-fly pie. But I think most of us figured out around age 5 that neither contain real grasshoppers nor flies.

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