Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Pie-Off Venue

The key to success is often attributed to location, location, location. I think we've scored a nice little piece of real-estate for the pie-off - the Elephant House at Washington Park (aka picnic site D). Just take a look:

And there are a couple of nice grassy areas on both sides of the Elephant House perfect for bringing some lawn chairs or blanket and socializing with your fellow pie lovers (and competition that should be squashed like a bug! Oh wait, I'm not sure what took hold of me there.)

The pie-off is a family friendly event. Bring your kids. There is a very fun looking playground right next door that has that comfy foam flooring underneath so when you fall and bonk your head - the ambulance doesn't have to come.

There is parking nearby as well, but on a lovely Saturday afternoon it can get a little scarce. I suggest you carpool with friends (which will also provide the opportunity to sabotage their pie. Wait, again, I'm not sure what got into me.) We will secure a spot in front of the Elephant House for you to drop off your pie, chairs, and whatever else while you find a place to park.

Do you have questions? Post them in the comments and I'll try to answer them.

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Brandie Kajino said...

Need any judges? :)