Tuesday, August 26, 2008

State Fair Pies

We took a little trip to the Oregon State Fair on Sunday. The fair is a time-honored tradition in my family. We usually go every Labor Day but this year that just wasn't going to work out, so we went early. We'll be going again on Wednesday night to see Garrison Keillor who will hopefully give us a few verses of Beebopareebop Rhubarb Pie.

There have been a few changes at the fair this year. I couldn't tell if some of these changes were because we were attending earlier and some displays that normally would have gone bad by Labor Day were still fresh. The Home Arts exhibition in the Jackman-Long Building has switched up a few things. You can now walk through some of the quilts instead of straining your neck to see them all hanging from the rafters. There were also three refrigerated cases of home-baked pies. My little pie-loving heart skipped a beat. I've never seen pies on display at the Jackman-Long Building before - but there they were in all their fluted edged or latticed topped glory.

Take a gander at how fabulous they all look together and imagine how amazing all the pies are going to be at the Pie-Off! Think about how fantastic your pie is going to look with a blue ribbon laying next to it. That moment is just days away...


Homeslice said...

I've been haven't been able to get down to the fair yet to see if I won but ... I can see a blue ribbon on at least one of my pies !!!

Thanks for the photo - and just so you all know, there's gonna be some state fair winners bringing fire to the pie-off. Yeah !!!

Radio Gretchen said...

Homeslice: Congratulations! Which pie is yours - I may have a close-up photo in my files. I took lots of photos.

I'm a little nervous about the high quality of pie makers coming to this thing. I need more practice.

Homeslice said...

Radio Gretchen:

Just got confirmation from a friend that was at the fair - blue ribbon for hucklecherry, and most excited about blue ribbon for cherry. Best Cherry Pie in Oregon '08 !!!

You can see them at the bottom of your third picture, in the bottom row on the far left and right. Any pix you could email me would be appreciated. Was on the fence for the pie-off, but once I saw the bad-ass ribbons ... should be out picking huckleberries this weekend, but can't miss a pie off.

Best way to make great pie - make lots of pie !!!!