Friday, August 8, 2008

Categories and other crap you need to know about the Pie-Off

There are 12 categories the judges of the Pie-Off will be judging. You can enter your pies into any of the following for the Pie-Off. The categories are:
Best Fruit Pie
Berry, stone fruit, apple, etc.
Best Crème Pie
Banana cream, chocolate, etc.
Best Nut Pie
Pecan, etc.
Best Custard Pie
Mmmm. Custardy.
Best Pumpkin Pie
You know, pumpkin.
Best Mash-Up Pie
Your own weird combo: you rock it, judges eat it.
Best Faux Pie
We’ve heard of the Ritz Cracker Pie. Bring it on!
Best Local Pie
Using all local ingredients. How local can you go?

In addition, the judges will award in the following additional arenas:
Best Overall Pie
Judge’s pick
Prettiest Pie
Pie gorgeousness
Most Original Pie
Blows the socks off the judges with originality
Best Pairing with Pie
Beverage and pie (alcohol or non alcoholic beverages of your choice)

Entry Fee:
We'd like to ask entrants to pony up $5 to enter as many pies as you like, payable in cash on site. There are some costs we're paying for and just thought we'd ask. Thank you.
To enter your pies, you must be there at 3pm pronto.
Please bring your own serving item. We'll supply plates and forks.

Questions? Comments? Leave 'em in the comments section here.


mediaChick said...

Have I mentioned that you ladies of the Twitter Pie-Off Commission rawk? Lemme say it again: you ladies RAWK! Whoo-hoo, pie!

Anonymous said...

I agree, you gals are awesome! I can't wait!

Lizzy Caston said...

Can't wait to meet both of you too! And can't wait to try your pies.

Anonymous said...

Can I enter a single pie into more than one category? For example, both the berry pie and local pie categories?

Lelo said...

Hi Anonymous: Good question! Yes, you can enter your pie into more than one category if it's applicable. Mmmm....local berries! Good thinking!

Widelegger said...

I can't make it until 4:00. Someone else can have my pie there at 3 but do you think it would be worth showing up at 4 (meaning: will there be any PIE left?)

Lelo said...

Hi Widelegger! Yes, you can have someone else deliver your pie, just make sure they have the info needed to enter it into the correct category(ies), etc. I'd say that if you got there at 4pm or so, you'd be safe to enjoy eating some pie. There will be the judging and awards, and then the free-for-all on the pie. Come!

Matt in PDX said...

Two quick questions:
What if a pie is made of fruit & custard? Can I still enter it in the custard category?
How many of the same pie should I make to ensure that there is enough for sampling and judging?

I am really looking forward to this event and meeting the organizers!

Lelo said...

These are great questions, and rest assured, you can enter you pies in more than one category. For example your pie may be qualified in both custard and berry and local: good for you! You can enter it in each. Does this help?

Glenn--The guy with the pie said...

Just chiming in to show a little testostero-lovin to the pie contest.

Men--let's show 'em how it's done!

Now where's my frilly apron?

Anonymous said...

Do we need to provide a little sign for our pie? With our name and the pie's name and the category?